Best Air Fryers 2021 to Quickly Crisp Up Your Life!

Best Air Fryers 2021

Do you love nice and crispy food but are also health-conscious? Then air fryers are a great alternative to deep fryers!

In this “Best Air Fryers 2021” list I am going to reveal 3 best rated air fryers along with their pros and cons.

I will also be answering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding air fryers 🙂

Best Air Fryers 2021 Revealed:

COSORI Air Fryer Max XL 5.8 Quart



Bottom Line

This Cosori Max XL air fryer features a 5.8 quart non-stick square basket which can fit more food than a traditional round basket.

The basket is dishwasher safe, saving you time from washing it by hand.

The air fryer is capable to deliver crispy and delicious food, while producing 85% less fat than traditional fryers.

It has 11 pre-settings, comes with a cooking book and a 2-year warranty.




Ninja AF101 Air Fryer 4 Quart



Bottom Line

The Ninja AF101 air fryer is another highly rated machine that features a 4 quart non-stick basket.

It can fry food while producing 75% less fat than traditional fryers.

The unit is capable of pre-heating within 3 minutes and comes with 4 programmable cooking functions:

  1. Air Fry
  2. Roast
  3. Re-heat
  4. Dehydrate

The basket, crisper plate, and multi layer rack are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Ultrean Air Fryer 4.2 Quart



Bottom Line

The Ultrean air fryer has been included in this list to give you an affordable alternative to the options above.

Despite affordability, this air fryer has been highly rated for its air frying capabilities as well as grilling, roasting and baking.

This air fryer is easy to clean thanks to its non-stick dishwasher safe basket.

It is packed with various features such as:

  • Adjustable Timer and Temperature
  • LCD Display
  • Detachable cooking pot

and more!

What is an air fryer?

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks food by circulating hot air.

The air is circulated thanks to a mechanical fan that speeds fast to cook the food and make it crispy.

They are a healthier alternative to traditional frying methods as they can fry food with little to no oil. In fact, air fryers produce 70% to 80% less fat.

What are the best rated air fryers on the market?

Like with anything, there are good and bad air fryers on the market.

Scroll to the top of this post to see my recommendations, along with their pros and cons.

What are the pros and cons of air fryers?


  • Healthier than traditional frying methods as you can fry your food by using little to no oil
  • Easy to use – Put food in the air fryer, select timing and temperature (or a pre-setting) and let the food cook
  • They pre-heat quickly, making the cooking process faster
  • You can cook pretty much anything with an air fryer!



  • Air fryers are not ideal for large families, in fact most air fryers are only suitable to cook food for 1 to 4 people at the time
  • The taste of the food won’t be the same as when you fry the same food using traditional methods. This is is because when you deep fry food, the oil penetrates into the food adding additional flavour that you will not get with an air fryer

Can you air fry without oil?

Some air fryers allow you to cook certain foods without using oil.

These are usually foods that produce their own oil, such as meat.

You wouldn’t be able to air fry foods such as french fries as they would just taste “too dry”.

Can you put a glass bowl in an air fryer?

Glass bowls can be put in an air fryer as long as they are oven or microwave safe.

Can Aluminium foil be used in air fryer?

Aluminium foil can be used in air fryers

However, it is not recommended since air fryers work by circulating hot air and having something such as aluminium foil wrapped around the food might make the food cook slower.

Do you have to flip food in an air fryer?

It is not mandatory to flip the food in an air fryer

However, if you wish to get the food to be evenly crispy, then you should flip the food or shake the basket at least a couple of times.

How do you keep food from sticking in an air fryer?

Buying an air fryer with a non-stick basket should be enough to prevent food from sticking.

Brushing a little oil around the food also helps.

Is air fried food healthy?

Air fried foods are healthier than deep fried foods, because air fryers use little to no oil, resulting in less bad fat.

However, some oil may still be required and oil is only considered healthy when added at the end of the cooking process.

If you wish to be 100% healthy, then you can purchase a non-stick pan instead, “fry” your food using water and add oil only once the food is ready.

Do you agree with this “Best Air Fryers 2021” list?

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