Best Car Wax 2021 To Protect And Restore Your Car Paint!

Best Car Wax 2021

Giving your car a nice shiny look does not have to be really expensive.

There are many good car waxes that can be bought online and be easily used by anyone.

In this “Best Car Wax 2021” list I am going to reveal 5 car waxes that have been highly rated for their ease of use, performance and durability.

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Best Car Wax 2021 Revealed:

Meguiar's G18220 Liquid Wax


Meguiar’s has been around since 1901 and its products have always been highly rated. This car wax is super easy to use and it delivers long-lasting protection. 


The liquid formula allows an easy one-step application of the wax. Cars remain smooth and shiny for weeks, even after having rained several times.


Inappropriate storage may cause water and polymers to separate, making product unusable.

Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax


Chemical Guys is a worldwide provider of high quality care products. The protective layer is 100% natural to fight off water spots, bird droppings and dirt. 


A lovely smelling wax that is easy to apply and remove. Provides great shine and helps keeping the car easy to clean. Can also be used on windows and windscreen.


Best used solely for the purpose of making your car shiny, rather than for its protection.

Shine Harmor Liquid Spray Wax


Shine Armor products are made in the USA. This wax is formulated with carnauba using advanced polymers, giving both shine and UV protection.


Applying a couple of coasts makes the car look like it has been professionally cleaned. It can be used to prevent oxidation on the car’s headlights housing.


Product is a bit pricey for its size. Spray nozzle is not durable.

Meguiar's G18211 Paste Wax


An alternative to Meguiar’s liquid wax for those who do not mind harder to apply paste wax. The product provides a “diamond” like shiny look.


This Meguiar’s paste wax is the best alternative to liquid wax. It can last up to 3 months after application. It revives colours and produces great shine.


Paste wax is harder to apply compared to liquid wax, so this product is not suitable for those who want to do a quick and easy job.

Ceramic Wax Pro


A USA made product developed by a “car care fanatic”. This Ethos wax is easy to apply. It enhances colours and protects against corrosion, oxidation and UV rays.


Easy to apply and remove and it delivers extreme shine. Road dirt and sand does not stick even after driving several miles. Great at repelling water and contamination.


The most expensive out of the best waxes listed here, so not the best choice for newbies.

What does car wax do?

Applying wax to your car acts like a barrier towards several types of contamination such as UV lights, dirt, dust and birds dropping.

Wax also helps enhancing colour and preventing oxidation, which is caused by heat and direct sun light.

It also provides great shine, which usually lasts throughout several days of rain.

This is because rain water will roll off your car, rather than accumulating and eventually evaporating, leaving dirt behind. 

How to apply car wax

Paste and Liquid wax application:

Spray wax application:

How to choose the right car wax

Tipically car waxes are either Carnauba based or synthetic.

Carnauba wax is made from palm tree leaves, so it is a natural product. It is the best choice if your priority is giving shine to your car.

Synthetic wax (Sealant) is made of chemicals and it is easier to apply as well as cheaper. It also does a better job at protecting cars from contamination and usually lasts longer.

Choose Carnauba is you want an extremely shiny car. Pick Synthetic if your car is always exposed to contamination (for example if you do not have a garage) and needs extra protection.

Synthetic wax comes both in liquid, spray and paste form. Liquid and spray waxes are much easier to apply but paste wax lasts longer, so choose the one that suits your needs the most.

Is car wax necessary?

Car wax acts as a protective barrier against contamination.

Although the car factory’s clear coat protects the colour from fading, it does not fully protect the car from dirt, bird dropping and bugs accumulation.

Waxing the car will add a layer of protection, however it is not as important as regularly washing the car.

In a nutshell: Do apply wax 3 or 4 times a year if you can, but most importantly ensure you wash your car often enough to remove contamination in the first place.

Does car wax remove scratches?

Deep scratches cannot be removed with wax.

It may look as if these scratches are less visible after applying wax, but this is because they can get temporarily filled in.

Scratches that feel smooth to the touch and do not look as if they are deeply carved into the paint, may be fixed using wax.

However, it is best to first apply a polishing compound, followed by washing the car and then applying wax.

How long does wax last on cars?

It depends on the type of wax used and how well it was applied.

Liquid wax will typically last around 2 weeks.

Spray wax can last for about 2 months.

Paste wax is usually the one that lasts the longest and up to 6 months.

How often do you need to wax your car?

In order to maintain long-lasting shine and protection, car waxes should be applied 3 to 4 times a year.

Is paste wax better than liquid?

It depends on the definition of “better”.

Paste wax definitely lasts longer than liquid wax, however it is much more difficult to apply and remove.

If you do not mind doing the extra work, choose paste wax for a longer lasting effect.

Car wax vs polish vs sealant

Wax generally contains a natural ingredient called Carnauba and it is extremely effective when it comes to enhancing colour and glow.

Polish helps eliminating scratches, oxidation, dirt, and other minor imperfections. This should always be used before wax.

Sealants are chemically formulated products designed to protect paint from contamination. It does not however provide the same shine as wax.

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