Best Indoor TV Antenna 2021 to Finally Cut The Cord!

Best Indoor TV Antenna 2021 to finally cut the cord

Indoor TV antennas have been around for years and they have definitely improved in terms of performance.

However, in this day and age we all seem to be too busy paying for streaming services, that we sometimes forget that antennas can provide us with some free channels to watch.

In this “Best Indoor TV Antenna 2021” list I am going to reveal the best rated antennas that will help you cut the cord and watch TV for free 🙂

Best Indoor TV Antenna 2021 Revealed:

Gesobyte Amplified HD Digital Antenna



Bottom Line

The Gesobyte indoor antenna can receive FULL HD Channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBC and Fox thanks to its Amplifier Signal Booster with built-in Smart IC Chip. 

It picks up signals within 120 miles range and filters out frequencies that could cause interference.
It also automatically scans for new channels as soon as they’re available.

GE Easy Mount
Amplified HD Antenna



Bottom Line

This GE Easy Mount antenna can easily be placed above the TV to increase signal.

Channels such as ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, Fox are displayed in full HD with crystal clear images (uncompressed 1080p signal) and great sound quality.

This antenna can reach 55+ miles from the broadcast signal. It is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty. 

GE Pro Indoor
Fabric TV Antenna



Bottom Line

The GE Pro Indoor Fabric Antenna is capable of showing channels in full HD.

It can reach up to 40 miles from the broadcast signal.

It looks different from all other antennas out there, adding a touch of style to your house.

This antenna can be mounted anywhere and receives an uncompressed 1080p signal, giving a crystal clear picture.

The antenna is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. 

Xfree HDTV Amplified
Indoor Antenna



Bottom Line

The XFTREE digital HDTV Antenna can pick up a variety of channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, and more.

It features a 120 Miles signal reception range and a 16.5ft long cable, which makes it easy to install the antenna anywhere in the house.

The Antenna can be powered either by an outlet or a TV’s USB port.

It comes with a 24-month warranty.

Vansky 4K HDTV Indoor TV Antenna



Bottom Line

This Vansky HDTV Antenna provides crystal clear HD channels, by receiving OTA signal within a 90-mile range.

It features a 16.5ft long cable which allows you to place the antenna in the best spot.

It can be used along the amplifier depending on how far you are from the channels towers.

It comes with a 45 days money back and a lifetime guarantee. 

What is an indoor TV antenna?

An indoor TV antenna is a set of elements designed to receive signals broadcast by TV networks. 

The antenna picks up these frequencies and converts them into programs that you can watch on your TV.

If you want to stop paying for cable or simply want to be able to watch local channels when you have no internet connection, then buying a good indoor TV antenna is really important.

However, beware that your proximity to broadcast towers or obstructions that break up the signal can affect even the best indoor TV antenna out there.

How to install an indoor tv antenna

Watch this video to learn how to install an indoor TV antenna:

Are all indoor TV antennas the same?

Indoor antennas vary in size, shape and signal range.

If you want your TV to pick up weaker channels, then you may need to invest in an antenna that has a higher range.

For some channels you may need to opt for an outdoor antenna instead.


How effective are indoor TV antennas?

Indoor antennas can give you more channels than basic cable, without the need of paying for subscription.

However, if you live in an area with poor reception, antennas may not be as effective.

Type “Check TV signal in my area” in your favorite search engine to find ways to check signal for the area you live in.

Will an indoor TV antenna work in a basement?

Making an indoor antenna work in a basement may be a bit more tricky.

TV signals do not penetrate the ground, especially since most basements are made with concrete walls and steel rebar, which are signal blockers.

If the basement has windows that are above the ground, then the antenna can be placed there.

It would be best to purchase an amplified indoor antenna which provides continuous 360 degree reception and has an amplifier designed to strengthen weak signals.

If your basement does not have windows, then your best bet is to buy an outdoor antenna to place on the roof and run the cables through the basement.

Indoor TV antenna vs outdoor TV antenna

Depending on where you live or in which part of the house you want to get TV signal, you may choose to either install an indoor or outdoor TV antenna.

Indoor antennas are generally small and easy to connect to the TV. They are usually placed high on a wall or close to a window.

Outdoor antennas are much bigger and intended for roof or attic mounting.

Outdoor antennas tend to be better than indoor ones, even when compared to the best indoor TV antennas out there.

This is because indoor antennas are smaller as well as they cannot be placed as high up as outdoor ones.

Indoor antennas‘ performance can also be affected by the house walls, interference and people’s movements.

How high should a TV antenna be mounted?

An indoor TV antenna should be mounted as high and as close to a window as possible.

Test your antenna‘s position as you install it, so that you can ensure to get the best available reception.

Does foil help TV antennas?

Wrapping your antenna in aluminum foil can increase the conductivity of the antenna, resulting in a signal boost. 

Can an indoor antenna be used for multiple TVs?

You may be able to use one antenna for multiple TVs, depending on things such as signal strength and layout of the house.

You will need to purchase a passive splitter device.

A splitter has one input port for the antenna and several output ports.

Purchase a splitter that has as many output ports as the number of TVs present in your house.

Here is a video that shows how to install a passive TV splitter device:



Can an indoor antenna be used outside?

Indoor antennas are not built to be waterproof, nor to cope with extremely cold or hot weather.

If you plan to install an antenna outside, then you should purchase an outdoor one.

You can occasionally place your indoor antenna outside if you are sitting in your garden to watch TV, but the antenna should always be “supervised” and never be left outside day and night.

Can an indoor antenna go bad?

Just like with any other electrical stuff, antennas can go bad.

The elements can corrode, while the circuit board and the power supply can stop working.

Make your indoor antenna last longer by ensuring that the antenna is never exposed to any water or extreme weather condition.

Do you agree with this “Best Indoor TV Antenna 2021” list?

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