Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair – Buyer’s Guide

Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Are you looking to upgrade your vacuum to one that can better tackle pet hair but wish to stick to Shark as a brand?

In this “Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair” list I am going to reveal the best rated Shark vacuums for pet hair that will help you keep your home hairless and sparking clean.

I will also answer some of the most common questions related to Shark vacuums and removing pet hair from different surfaces.

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Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair Revealed:

Shark Navigator NV360 Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum


  • Anti Allergen HEPA Filter
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Access Bare Floor/Carpet Button
  • Very Powerful Suction
  • Quiet Even When Carpet Setting Is On


  • Pet Turbo Tool Needs to Be Bought Separately
  • Machine Has No Storage for The Attachments, So These Need to Be Carried Around

Bottom Line

The Shark Navigator NV360 vacuum is a anti allergen machine perfect for tackling pet hair.

It only weighs 12.5 pound, however it is even lighter when used as lift-away, since the canister only weighs 7.5 pounds.

It features a 1.2 quarts dust cup and a 25-foot long power cord and it comes with a upholstery tool as well as a crevice tool.

This machine works perfectly both on hard flooring and carpet. It is very easy to maneuver, yet the suction is extremely powerful allowing the vacuum to pick up all kinds of dirt.


Shark Rotator NV752
Lift-Away TruePet Vacuum


  • Pet Power Brush Included
  • Bare Floor/Carpet Switch on Handle
  • LED Lights to Navigate Dark Corners
  • Three Floor Settings
  • Brush Roll Spins Even in Lift-away Mode
  • Strong Motor with Powerful Suction


  • Heavier Than Any Other Shark Vacuum in This List
  • Dust Bin Needs Tipping Upside Down to Be Emptied
  • Cord Is Not Retractable Despite Being Very Long

Bottom Line

The Shark Rotator NV752 Lift-Away TruePet Vacuum is a true powerhouse!

This machine can literally pick up anything it encounters and its dust cup has a capacity of 1.5 quarts.

It features an anti allergen filter capable to completely seal dust inside the vacuum.

It also features a 30-foot long power cord and comes with a pet power brush and a crevice tool.

It is perfect for all type of flooring, in fact the machine has 3 floor settings: hard floor, low-pile carpet and high-pile carpet.

This vacuum is pretty heavy (16.7 pounds), so it is not recommended for elderly people.

Shark NV803 DuoClean
Powered Lift-Away Vacuum


  • Comes With Multiple Attachments, Including The Pet Power Brush
  • Three Floor Type Settings
  • Brush Roller Head Turns Off When Vacuum Not Tilted. This Helps Save Energy
  • Can Reach Ceilings With Ease
  • Anti Allergen Filter
  • Very Powerful Suction


  • Low Capacity Canister
  • Cord Not Retractable Despite Being Really Long
  • On/Off Button Is on The Body of The Vacuum

Bottom Line

The Shark NV803 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Vacuum differs from all of the other vacuums in this list due to its DuoClean system.

This adds a soft roller to a bristled brush that helps pull in large debris.

However, its 0.9 capacity makes this vacuum’s dust cup smaller than the other upright vacuums on this list.

The machine is perfect for all types of flooring, in fact it features 3 speed settings: hard floor, low-pile carpet and high-pile carpet.

The head of the vacuum has no front wall and this helps picking up large debris.

This vacuum weighs 14.5 pounds and is easy to maneuver.

More great features of this vacuum are the anti allergen filter, LED lights on the vacuum head and a 30-foot long power cord.

The Shark NV803 comes with a under appliance wand, pet power brush, pet multi-tool, duster crevice tool and an accessory bag.


Shark Rocket DeluxePro Upright Corded Stick Vacuum


  • Large Dust Cup Capacity for a Stick Vacuum
  • Very Long Cord Compared to Many Other Stick Vacuums
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Very Powerful Suction
  • Two Floor Settings
  • Compact and Easy to Maneuver


  • Unable to Stand Up on Its Own
  • Hot Air Is Released from The Back of The Vacuum

Bottom Line

The best choice if you prefer stick vacuums to regular ones.

The Shark Rocket DeluxePro Stick Vacuum is a powerful yet compact machine perfect for all types of flooring.

Aside from being compact, therefore convenient for hard-to-reach areas, it also has an extremely long power cord, which is 30-foot long.

This stick vacuum comes with several attachments: wand, duster crevice tool and pet multi tool.

The top of the vacuum can be easily detached and be used both to clean the ceiling or carrying up and down the stairs.

The dust cup is bigger than many stick vacuum’s cups out there, with a capacity of 0.69 quarts.

The machine is extremely easy to maneuver and only weighs 9.1 pounds.

It features two speed settings whereby the brush rotates much faster on the second setting. The slower speed is for hard floors and the faster speed is for carpets.

Shark Rocket HV292 Hand Vacuum with TruePet Motorized Brush


  • Easy to Carry Around
  • Extremely Compact and Easy to Store
  • Powerful Suction and Motorized Brush Work Great on Carpeted Stairs
  • Can Be Used to Clean Stairs, Sofas, Furniture and Car
  • No Need to Replace The Filters. Just Wash and Re-Use


  • Does Not Come with a Hose Extender
  • Canister Does Not Detach from Vacuum for Emptying

Bottom Line

Perhaps you are in need of a hand-handled vacuum to only remove pet hair from furniture, carpeted stairs and cars.

If so, the Shark Rocket HV292 Hand Vacuum is the best choice.

Despite being small and only weighing 3.7 pounds, this vacuum has an extremely powerful suction.

The pet motorized brush allows deep cleaning of all surfaces and the 15-foot long power cord is enough to vacuum the average stairs flight size.

It comes with a crevice tool, dusting brush, the TruePet Motorized Brush and a stretch hose.

This machine also allows you to have a zero maintenance cost, since the filters are washable and reusable, rather than needing to be changed.

How to remove pet hair from carpet

The easiest way to remove pet hair from carpet is obviously investing in a powerful vacuum with specialized pet tools.

However, if you currently do not have the budget to purchase a new vacuum, here is a great alternative tip to at least remove pet hair from small areas, such as the stairs:

How to remove pet hair from your car

The “Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair” list I have compiled at the top of this post, includes one hand-handled vacuum that can be used to remove pet hair from your car.

However, if you currently cannot afford to invest in a hand-handled vacuum, here is a video showing an alternative way to remove pet hair from your car:

How to remove pet hair from sofa

The list at the top of this post shows different highly rated Shark vacuums that would also work great on sofas.

However, if you currently cannot afford to buy an efficient vacuum for pet hair, here is a great tip you could follow to remove pet hair from sofa without spending much money:

Are Shark vacuums good for pet hair?

Like with any type of vacuum, there are some machines that are better than others at tackling pet hair.

Shark have manufactured some great models for pet hair which have been highly rated by many consumers.

Is Shark Duo Clean good for pet hair?

The list compiled at the top of this post does include a Shark DuoClean vacuum.

The Shark NV803 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away vacuum was picked as the best Duo Clean vacuum for pet hair.

This is because of the various useful pet tools it comes with, as well as the ability to such up pet hair as well as dog nail clippings and kibble.

Please scroll to the top of the post to find more details about the Shark NV803 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away vacuum with its pros and cons.

Are Shark vacuums worth the money?

Shark vacuums are generally very good and highly rated.

On top of that, their best rated vacuums are reasonably priced and affordable.

I definitely recommend Shark as a brand and believe they are worth the money.

Can you vacuum your pet?

Whatever Shark vacuum or any other brand you decide to purchase, these should not be used directly on your pet.

The vacuum‘s suction may hurt your pet. On top of that, pets are generally scared of vacuums so you may end up traumatizing your furry friend.

Please groom your pets only by using the appropriate grooming tools.

Do you agree with this “Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair” list?

Let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂

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