Best Snow Blowers 2021 That Will Save You From Shovelling!

Best Snow Blowers 2021

Do you live in an area that gets so much snow in winter that it is just impossible to use a shovel?

Are you looking at making your life easier by purchasing a snow blower or a snow thrower?

I have put together this “Best Snow Blowers 2021” review to help you make an informed decision to purchase the right product for your needs.

There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing a snow blower, for example how much snow your town gets, how big your driveway is and so on.

Here is a list of the best snow blowers of 2021, along with an FAQs section to answer the most frequently asked questions 🙂

Best Snow Blowers 2021 Revealed:

Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 34XP
420cc Electric Snow Blower

This Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm Snow Blower is a powerful machine featuring a 420cc electric start gas engine.

It is capable of clearing 34 inches wide of snow and discharge it through its steel chute in just one pass.

This Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower has been designed to handle wet snow really well and it is also backed by a 5-year limited warranty.


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Snow Joe iON100V-21SB Snow Thrower

The Snow Joe ION100V-21SB is a powerful, battery powered, one stage snow thrower that has been highly rated.

It features a 2800 W brushless motor whiich increases battery efficiency, maximizes motor performance, decreases noise vibration, and extends motor life.

Its auger assisted drive makes the machine easy to push through the snow.

This snow thrower comes with a two years warranty.


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Poulan Pro PR241
Snow Blower

This Poulan Pro PR241 snow blower is a powerful electric start machine that is capable of 24 inches clearing width.

It uses a 2-step process to get rid of snow. The powerful ribbon augers break through snow and ice and propel it back into the impeller blades which then push the snow up and out the chute.

The machine is durable and well designed. It comes with a 2 Year Limited Warranty and 4 Year Engine Warranty.


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Greenworks 13 Amp
Snow Thrower

The Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower is the perfect choice for those who are on a tight budget but are still looking for a machine that does a good job.

It features an adjustable 180 degree directional chute and it discharges snow up to 20-feet.

It runs very quietly and is fairly light.

This snow thrower is best suitable for small yards.


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Husqvarna ST224P
Snow Blower

The Husqvarna ST224P Snow Blower is another great electric start machine.

The machine features LED headlight, 24-inch clearing path, 180 degree remote chute rotation with remote deflector, heated grip handles, 12-inch improved performance ribbon augers, friction disc transmission, aluminum gearbox, 15-inch tires, and 2.7 liter fuel tank.

It comes with a 3 Year Limited Warranty and 5 Year Engine and Auger Gear Box Warranty.


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Snow Joe SJ623E Snow Thrower

The Snow Joe SJ623E is another budget snow thrower that has been highly rated for its performance.

The machine is ideal for clearing off snow from mid to large sized driveways.

It features a 180° directional chute which can be cleaned out in case of clogging by using the tool provided.

Its 4-blade rotor can cut a full 18-inch wide by 10-inch deep swath of snow with each pass.

The machine is very easy to maneuver and comes with a full 2-year warranty.


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How Do I Choose a Snowblower?

There are a few factors you should consider in order to purchase the right snow blower, but the most important are:

  • Snowfall depth
  • Driveway Construction
  • Type of snow

Electric and battery operated single-stage snow throwers for example, are great with light and dry snow.

However, if the area you live in tends to get a lot of snow, then a gas two-stage snow blower will be a better choice for you.


Electric vs Gas Snow Blowers

Usually electric snow blowers are lighter and smaller than their gas counterparts.

They are also quieter and require little maintenance.

They are ideal for light snow and unfortunately do not do well on the wet kind.

Electric snow blowers also do not work really well when they encounter rocks and sticks during operation.

In summary: if where you live gets light snow, your driveway is not gravelled and you have a tight budget, electric snow blowers are the right choice for you.

Gas snow blowers are much more powerful and are the best option for those who live in areas that get a lot of snow.

Their price range can vary depending on size, power and brand. However, they will always be more expensive than electric snow throwers.

Gas snow blowers are usually two-stage machines, which means that they are faster and will blow snow further than electric snow throwers.

Large gas snow blowers will usually be two-stage machines and this means they will do a lot more in a shorter time and blow the snow much further from the machine.

They  can also handle any rocks and sticks you may stumbled upon while clearing the snow off your driveway.

In summary: Buy a gas snow blower if you live in areas that get a lot of snow, your house has a big drive and want to get the job done quickly.


Snow Blowers vs Snow Throwers

The word “snow thrower” refers to a single stage machine that picks up the snow and throws it out the chute in one single movement. 

While “snow blower” refers to a two stage machine which features an auger that scoops up the snow and then sends it to the impeller which blows the snow out the chute. 

Snow throwers are usually smaller than snow blowers and are not as powerful. They are also best for narrower pathways and driveways.


Are Snow Blowers Worth It?

It all depends on how much snow your town gets and how often.

If your area only gets light snow, then you might want to opt for a cheaper solution and get a snow thrower instead.

Snow throwers can be bought for as little as $130. They also require little maintenance as they are powered by electricity/battery.


Are Snow Blowers Easy to Use?

Electric snow throwers are much easier to use than gas snow blowers.

This is because they come pretty much pre-assembled and they are sort of “plug and play”.

They are also much lighter.

Gas snow blowers require more of an effort in understanding how to use them, but as long as you choose a make that provides thorough instructions and great customer support, you should be able to easily use gas snow blowers too.


Can Snow Blowers Be Used on Gravel Driveways?

If you wish to clear snow on a gravel driveway, then opt for a two-stage snow blower as opposed to a single-stage one.

This is because the auger on a two-stage snow blower doesn’t touch the ground, so using it on gravel or concrete would not be an issue.


Can Snow Blowers Break Ice?

Most snow blowers can break ice because their augurs will churn through the snow before it gets expelled.

However, the bigger and powerful the snow blower is, the better chance of breaking hardened ice you will have. 


Can Snow Blowers Be Used On Grass?

Removing snow that has fallen on grass should not harm your machine, as long has there is enough snow to cover the grass.


Can Snow Blowers Be Stored Outside?

It is always best to store a snow blower in a dry and clean area, however if that is not an option,  you can store your snowblower outdoors by elevating it away from the ground and protecting it with a heavy tarpaulin cover.


Do Snow Blowers Work on Wet Snow?

Heavy and wet snow can cause snow blowers to breakdown, so it is important to choose a heavyweight snow blower that can do the job.

For this reason, you might want to consider something like the Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 34XP 420cc Electric Snow Blower


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