Best Tire Pressure Gauge 2021 To Help Find Optimal Pressure

Best Tire Pressure Gauge 2021

Ending up with a flat tire while on a road trip can be an absolute nightmare.

This is why it is extremely important that tires pressure is regularly checked.

There are many types of tire pressure gauges that can be bought online at an affordable price.

In this “Best Tire Pressure Gauge 2021” list I am going to reveal 5 tire pressure gauges that have been highly rated for their ease of use and accuracy.

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Best Tire Pressure Gauge 2021 Revealed:

Elite Tire Pressure Gauge


A 60 PSI performance tested, certified and calibrated within ANSI standards tire pressure gauge. Robust and long-lasting, this gauge comes with a Jaco 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee for your peace of mind.


The gauge is robust, affordable and provides the same accurate readings you would get with an expensive gauge. It also features a reset button on the side that bleeds air out of the tire.


Some users have reported that pressure hold stopped working after a months. However, the gauge has been highly rated by most people.

Pressure Gauge


Highly calibrated accurate to ±1% full scale of 60 PSI range. Feels solid and well built. This analogue gauge is reliable and provides a secure grip thanks to the rubber armoring around it. Glows in the dark, making it easy to use at night.


This gauge has been compared against more expensive ones, proving to be just as accurate. Features a pressure release button that lets you see the pressure after taking the gauge off the valve.


Just like the Jaco gauge, users have reported that this guage lasts only a few months. 

AstroAI Digital Inflator with Pressure Gauge


A 250 PSI gauge that has been calibrated to always return a reading within 1%. It is battery operated and comes with a tire inflator to easily connect to a compressor and add air to your tires without stopping at a gas station.


Allows checking tire pressure and accurately adding air to it in one go. It features an air release button useful in the event of adding too much air to the tires. Easy to read display with different settings.


Trigger might not be long enough for big hands!

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge


A 150 PSI digital gauge that is easy to use at the press of one button. This device has been highly rated, despite being very affordable. It also comes with a 1 Year Warranty. Battery is included, so it can be used straight out of the box.


Compact, accurate and extremely easy to use. This device is able to read pressure just as accurately as a gas station’s gauge. It is backlit, therefore also easy to read in the dark. 1 year warranty is a plus!


Feels cheap to the touch.

WYNNsky Pencyl Style Tire Pressure Gauge


A 160 PSI pencil style gauge, ideal for dual wheels and other difficult-to-reach valves. Well built with a chrome plated metal construction. It easy to read and can be stored anywhere due to its compact size. Its lowest reading is 10 PSI.


Great value for money as this gauge delivers accurate readings despite being very affordable. Perfect if you need to check tires on large vehicles. Feels heavy and sturdy despite not being expensive.


It is so compact that it could easily be lost if not store carefully.

What is a tire pressure gauge?

A tire pressure gauge is a device used to measure a vehicle’s tire pressure.  

Checking tire pressure is done in 2 steps:

  1. Apply the pressure gauge to the valve stem, ensuring that a nice seal is formed between the gauge and the stem
  2. Read the pressure level that is displayed on the gauge

How to use a tire pressure gauge

Watch the video below to learn how to check your car’s tire pressure using three different types of pressure gauges:

Are tire pressure gauges accurate?

There are several high quality and low quality gauges available.

It is always worth spending a bit more money in order to get a good quality gauge.

Depending on quality and how long you have had the gauge for, these may become inaccurate.

It is highly advisable to periodically conduct some tests to check the gauge‘s accuracy.

This can be done by measuring tire pressure using two different gauges at the same time.

If the difference between the two tire pressure gauges is over 2 psi, then one or both gauges may be inaccurate.


Do cars come with tire pressure gauge?

Most modern cars come with a built-in Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) which alerts the driver of any tire pressure loss detected.

The sensors are located inside each of the wheels. These sensors send a radio frequency signal to the vehicle’s on-board computer.

If any of the tires pressure goes below safety levels, a warning light is displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard.

tpms warning light

A TPMS is not a replacement to having a tire pressure gauge.

When the TPMS light comes on, you should stop and check the tires pressure using your tire pressure gauge.

If the pressure level is simply low, you can continue driving to the nearest gas station to add air to your tires.

Should you find that one of your tires is punctured or slashed, you should not continue driving and you should replace the tire first.

Types of tire pressure gauges

There are three types of tire pressure gauges: dial, digital and pencil style. 

Dial gauges look a bit like a clock and they simply have a needle that indicates pressure by pointing at a value on the gauge. They are usually more expensive than the other gauges types.

Digital gauges have an LCD display and are easier to read. These require batteries to operate, so you should always ensure that the batteries have not run out, prior to embarking to a long journey!

Pencil style gauges are compact and their appearance is similar to a ballpoint pen. They usually are the most affordable out of the three tire pressure gauges.

Do tire pressure gauges go bad?

Tire pressure gauges can go bad overtime, especially if not well treated.

For example, gas stations ones may become inaccurate do to the abuse they get.

Of course this does not apply to all gas stations, if gauges are periodically tested and well maintained.

What is the correct tire pressure?

Tire pressure varies depending on the vehicle, so it is important to always check your vehicle’s requirements prior to adding air to the tires.

You should find the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure on a sticker placed on the car door jamb.

Recommended tire pressure may also be found in some vehicle’s manuals, trunk lid or the fuel flap.

What causes tire pressure loss?

Here are the common causes of tire pressure loss:

  • Tire thread puncture which can be caused by a nail in the tire. This will usually result in a loss of 2 to 3 psi per day
  • Leaking valve stems caused by over-tightening the valve cores
  • Impact with large objects such as hitting the curb while driving at high speed
  • Outside temperature, for example if day vs night temperature drastically fluctuates

Should all tires have the same pressure?

Tire pressure is normally higher on front wheels, due to the extra weight of the engine and transmission.

However, car manufacturers recommend adding more air to your back tires if you are planning on travelling with a car full of passengers and luggage.

You should always refer to your vehicle’s manufacturer tire pressure recommendation before adding air to the tires.

Can you check tire pressure after driving?

You should always check your tire pressure when tires are cold.

Checking pressure when tires are hot may give you inaccurate readings.

Unless you find yourself in a situation where you have to check tire pressure there and then, you should always wait at least 2 hours after driving before checking the pressure.

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