Best Walking Shoes for Women Over 60 Who Want to Stay Active!

Best Walking Shoes for Women Over 60 Who Want to Stay Active!

Old age should not hinder you from staying active. Even if there are some exercises you cannot do anymore, you can still use walking as a way to stay fit.

You deserve comfortable shoes to help you get through your exercise routine. Wearing a pair of ill-fitted shoes could cause problems for your feet. Do not value price over comfort. 

In this Best Walking Shoes for Women Over 60 review, I will be showcasing the shoes that will give you comfort and let you enjoy your walking experience even if you are over 60 years of age.

Best Walking Shoes for Women Over 60 Revealed:

Brooks Women's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes



Bottom Line

The Brooks Women’s Walking Shoes look very simple yet stylish. That alone is enough to consider purchasing a pair.

The shoes have wonderful arch support which keeps your feet steady. The fit is also secure, which keeps you in a balanced and stable position.

The shoes also feature soft cushioning, which makes every step feel very comfortable. For its price, you are getting much more.

Ryka Women's Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe



Bottom Line

The Ryka Women’s Devotion Walking Shoe is made of 100% leather, which justifies its price. It looks very sleek and stylish.

Other than that, the shoes have breathable mesh, which provides maximum comfort while walking. They are also well-cushioned, which makes the shoes feel lightweight.

Overall, these shoes are worth it.

Skechers Women Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe



Bottom Line

The Skechers Women Go Walk Joy Shoe features a very simple yet sleek design.

The shoes are made of textile material that is very lightweight and breathable. This is what makes the shoes feel comfortable.

The shoes also feature cushioning, which allows them to fully support your feet. It is super worth it for its price.

Are Walking Shoes Necessary?

Walking shoes provide different features that regular shoes do not have. They are designed specifically for walking for long periods of time. They are necessary if you choose walking as your form of exercise.

Walking shoes are comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and provide support to your feet. Regular shoes do not provide those.

If you are unsure of what to choose, try to enumerate what activities you are doing and which type of shoes are suited for them.

Is It OK to Wear Running Shoes for Walking?

Yes, it is okay to wear running shoes for walking.

However, bear in mind that running shoes are designed with more comfort in mind, as runners need better support and added cushioning for their exercise. As runners exert more effort, running shoes have to be more comfortable than walking shoes.

Before purchasing a pair of shoes, think of the activities you will do that involves them. If you plan to do a mix of running and walking, then running shoes are the more suitable option for you.

What's the Difference Between Hiking Shoes and Walking Shoes?

Walking shoes are lighter and more comfortable. They are designed to be worn for longer periods of time.

On the other hand, hiking shoes are heavier, since their main function is protecting your feet.

If you plan to walk for extended periods of time, it is better to get walking shoes. Hiking shoes are, well, designed for hiking. They are also good if you work in a place that requires extra protection for your feet.

What Makes a Walking Shoe Ideal for Older Women?

Walking shoes for older women should be lightweight and offer general comfort, cushioning from impact felt on the feet, knees, and joints. 

These features will help you walk longer and get more out of your workouts.

What to Look for in a Walking Shoe

The first thing to consider when shopping for a new pair of walking shoes is what type of terrain and activity you’ll be doing. A good shoe should have supportive cushioning in the arches and heels, as well as a mesh upper for breathability and durable soles with traction to absorb shock.

Walking is a great cardiovascular workout and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, it’s important to find the right type of walking shoes for your individual needs.

People with flat feet should look for stability and support in their walking shoes because they need this extra support to avoid injury or pain from pressure points against the foot bones at heel strike during impact on each step that causes excess stress leading to plantar fasciitis over time. People with higher arches will want more cushioning to help absorb shock and prevent pain.

How to Choose Shoes for Older People

As people age, their feet change shape. They may need more room in the toes or heel to accommodate bunions and corns on the foot that cannot be removed by simply cutting away an extra insole.

Older people may need a shoe that is roomier, with an extra-wide toe box and heel area to accommodate the natural changes in their feet.

What Size Shoes Should You Wear When Walking?

When you’re walking, your toes should be able to wiggle and there should be enough room for them. It is important to try on two different models at the same time so that you can see which best fits your feet and needs. 

Most shoe models have more than one size so try them on until you find the right fit.

Should You Choose Based on Style or Comfort?

The walking shoes that are best for women over 60 who want to stay active are the ones that provide comfort. 

They don’t need to be fashionable, but they must be able to protect her feet and help her walk easily. 

These shoes can also offer arch support and cushioning, especially if she’s on the heavier side.

What Type of Material Is Best for Senior Women's Shoes?

Senior women often struggle with finding lightweight shoes that don’t weigh them down. This is because they need a shoe that can provide enough support and be breathable, but also won’t add too much weight to their body. 

A specialty walking shoe may offer some of these qualities, but it will likely cost more than the average traditional walking shoe.

The best walking shoes for women over 60 are made of lightweight materials, like mesh and stretchy fabric. Look for an insole with support too so your feet can stay stable.

How Many Types of Shoes Should a 60 Year Old Woman Try Before Buying?

Before buying a pair of shoes for walking, it is important to try them on. It’s easy to buy the wrong size online without trying it on first, so make sure you are not making that mistake by checking with return policies when ordering online.

You should also be wary of buying shoes too tight because they can cause foot pain and blisters. The best way to ensure your feet fit is by finding something that has enough space for your toes but still feels comfortable around the ankle area.

How to Take Care of Older Feet

As people age, their feet lose some of the padding that is needed. This causes pain and swelling in the foot when walking for long periods of time, which can lead to various foot ailments. To avoid this from happening, it’s important to care for your feet so they will remain healthy and active no matter how old you get.

It is important to keep your feet clean and moisturized. Dry skin can lead to cracked heels, calluses, and other conditions that will make it difficult for you to walk comfortably.

A great way to help keep the skin on your feet healthy is by exfoliating. This will remove dead skin cells and help to promote the growth of new skin. You can do this by using a loofah or pumice stone on your feet each day.

If you wear socks, it’s a good idea to change them out at least once or twice per day, and it’s important not to wear the same pair for more than two days in a row.


How Far Should a 60 Year Old Walk?

The recommended steps everyday is 10,000. For older adults, 2,000-9,000 steps will do, depending on what you can do. These are only the recommended conditions, so you do not have to follow them.

This translates to 1 to 4 miles. If you feel like you can do a longer distance, you can add an extra 20 to 30 minutes to your walk. You do not have to pressure yourself with a time limit though, as you can choose how long you plan to walk. Just remember not to push yourself too hard.

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