Best Walking Shoes for Women with Hammer Toes Who Love Fitness!

Best Walking Shoes for Women with Hammer Toes Who Love Fitness!

If you aim to get fit but do not want a gym membership, then walking is the exercise for you. All you need is to spare the time to do it, a place to do it, and comfortable shoes to wear. Walking is a pretty simple exercise, so you can easily do it.

If you have hammer toes, it is quite difficult to be using regular walking shoes, since they might not provide the support you need. There are shoes that are specifically designed for you, and you should get a pair of those instead.

In this Best Walking Shoes for Women with Hammer Toes review, I will be showcasing the shoes that will give you comfort and let you enjoy your walking experience even if you have hammer toes.

Best Walking Shoes for Women with Hammer Toes Revealed:

Orthofeet Orthopedic Walking Shoes



Bottom Line

The Orthofeet Orthopedic Walking Shoes are designed with comfort in mind, especially for those with hammer toes.

The shoes come with a lightweight design, which makes walking enjoyable. The design included an extended width as well.

For its features, you get your money’s worth. The shoes also look sleek and stylish.

Skechers Women's Go Walk Joy Running Shoe



Bottom Line

The Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Running Shoe look simple but stylish. From the get-go, it already looks comfortable.

The shoes are made of textile material, which is very lightweight. These also feature cushioning, which makes every step feel like you’re walking on clouds.

It is definitely worth it for its price for all the features and comfort it offers.

New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker



Bottom Line

The New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker features a very minimalist yet sleek design. It is worth getting it for that alone.

The shoes feature midsole cushioning, which provides comfort even if you wear the shoes all day. These also have a memory sole insert, making every step feel great.

For its price, you get your money’s worth.

What Is Hammer Toe?

Hammer toe is a deformity of a joint in your toes. This could put pressure on your toes whenever you have to wear shoes. This could make your life difficult if your shoes are not designed to provide comfort for hammer toe.

Hammer toe usually starts as a mild deformity which worsens as time passes by. In its earlier stage, it can be managed, but if you deny treatment to it, it becomes rigid and will end up incurable even by surgery.

What Causes Hammer Toes in Women?

For women, hammer toe is often caused by wearing high heels. Since some jobs still require women to wear heels, it could be a problem.

You can also develop hammer toe if you broke your toe in the past and it does not heal correctly. It is also most likely to occur if your second toe is longer than your big toe.

Hammer toe could also be caused by genetic factors. It is hereditary.

How Do You Fix a Hammer Toe?

Surgery is the most effective method to fix hammer toe. However, if you are suffering from other underlying conditions, you will need to consult your doctor to treat those conditions first.

One of the surgeries involve tendon transfer. This will pull the toe into its proper position.

Another involves joint resection. This is done by cutting ligaments and tendons to straighten the toe. This might also involve removing a section of the bone.

A fusion procedure could also be performed. This is done by removing portions of the joint so that the bones could grow together.

In rare instances, hammer toe could be extremely painful and not respond to treatment. The only way to solve this is by amputation.

Can Hammer Toe Affect Walking?

Yes, hammer toe can affect walking.

This is because hammer toe is often painful, and there are not that many shoes designed specifically for it. 

Do Hammer Toes Get Worse with Age?

The risk of getting hammer toes increases with age.

It is also even more difficult to treat once other conditions like arthritis develop. This is why it is advisable to treat hammer toes in its early stage.

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