Top 3 Best Walking Shoes for Women with Neuromas

Top 3 Best Walking Shoes for Women with Neuromas

Exercise can definitely help you live a long life. You can choose what exercise you want to do and commit to it. However, not everyone wants to commit a gym membership, which is why some people prefer walking or jogging instead. These exercises can be done without the need for gym equipment.

All you need to start walking are a good pair of walking shoes. If you have neuromas, you can find it a little hard to find specially designed shoes to fit you needs. Regular shoes are not designed for people with this condition.

In this Best Walking Shoes for Women with Neuromas review, I will be showcasing the shoes that will give you comfort and let you enjoy your walking experience even if you have neuromas.

Best Walking Shoes for Women with Neuromas Revealed:

New Balance Women's 877 V1 Walking Shoe



Bottom Line

The New Balance Women’s 877 V1 Walking Shoe is a good example of a shoe that balances both style and function.

The shoes have cushions inside that would help avoid discomfort and pain with every step you take.

These look very sleek and stylish so you can easily mix it up with your outfits.

Slow Man Women's Walking Shoes



Bottom Line

The Slow Man Women’s Walking Shoes are cheap yet made of high quality materials.

The shoes are made of breathable mesh material which helps support your feet even if you have to wear them all day.

These are available in a wide range of colors, and for its price, what’s not to love?

DOUSSPRT Women's Walking Shoes



Bottom Line

The DOUSSPRT Women’s Walking Shoes are made of breathable mesh material which allows proper airflow to reach your feet.

Inside, the shoes have soft cushion and provide perfect arch support so you need not worry if you plan to use them the whole day.

These are available in many colors so you would not have any trouble picking what’s best to go with your OOTD.

What Causes a Neuroma In Your Foot?

Neuroma is often caused by ill-fitting shoes or high heeled ones. These shoes are often uncomfortable and causes a feeling of compression or irritation to the nerves in your feet. Over time, the affected nerve becomes more painful as you put pressure on it.

Neuroma could be accompanied with hammer toes, flat feet, high arches, and bunions.

You could also get neuroma from sports that require constant running like racquest sports, or from those which require wearing tight shoes like ballet.

An injury to the foot could also cause neuroma.

What Does a Neuroma Feel Like?

A neuroma feels like a burning pain in your foot. It could also feel like a pebble got into your shoe or your sock got bundled up.

The pain may cause your toes to feel numb. There could be difficulty walking, but no noticeable swelling on the foot.

Do Neuromas Go Away On Their Own?

Neuromas will not go away on their own.

What usually happens is that the symptoms come and go. However, this still depends on the type of shoes you wear and how long you spend being on you feet.

It is best to consult a doctor who can offer more insights about the condition.

How Do You Treat a Neuroma?

There are different treatments available for neuroma. The treatment can vary per person.

One of the common treatments are specially designed insoles that you can use to lessen the pain in your feet.

Painkillers also work. There are also some non-surgical treatments that may be prescribed to you, like radiofrequency ablation.

If the above treatments do not seem to work, you may be required to undergo surgery.

Is Walking Good for Neuroma?

Yes, walking is good for neuroma.

Remember that if you plan to walk with neuroma, you will need a good pair of walking shoes specially designed for you so you will not experience pain and discomfort.

Walking has a lot of health benefits proven by studies so you should not let neuroma stop you from staying fit and living a healthy life.

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