Concept2 Rowing Machine Review: My 1 Year Review

Concept2 rowing machine review

I’ve owned a Concept2 rowing machine for about 1 year now and it has been my saviour throughout the Coronavirus lockdown. To this day, I am really enjoying using it and in this Concept2 rowing machine review, I want to take you through my experience with it.

While most of this Concept2 rower review is positive, there are some cons I also want to share with you.

I also want to compare this rower to other major brands on the market, such as Sunny Health & Fitness and Nordic Track which I was lucky enough to try out, though I eventually opted to go for the Concept2

So let’s get started and let me show you why I am extremely happy with my Concept2 🙂

Concept2 Rower - Quick Overview:

Product Name



Bottom Line

Rowers are a great all-in-one exercise machine, meaning that investing in the Concept2 will keep you healthy without the need of spending extra money on other equipment or on a gym membership.

The Concept2 is by far the highest rated rower out there and now that I own one, I know why:

  1. Assembled in just 10 minutes
  2. Very well made and extremely sturdy. The overall quality is outstanding and you really get your money worth
  3.  Smooth rowing action
  4. 10 difficulty levels
  5. Comes with a 2 year warranty + 30 day money back guarantee

I have tried other rowers and this is the best by far.  I enjoy using my Concept2 rower so much that I have been finding myself working out more. Definitely what I needed!

Concept2 Rower Unboxing

When I purchased the rower, I did not think I would love it so much that I would write a review about it, so unfortunately I did not record any unboxing video. 

Luckily, there are plenty of unboxing videos on YouTube like the one below, as well as over 7000 positive reviews on Amazon:

My First Impression

It took me a while to order the Concept2, simply because I find it hard to part ways with a big sum of money, especially when I know that there are cheaper alternatives out there… But there are many reasons why they are cheap!

When you look at the reviews of various brands, the Concept2 is always the highest rated out there. As an example, you can see over 7000 positive reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

When I saw all those positive reviews, I decided to go ahead and try it.

After all, I could easily return the product should I not be happy with it!

Well, let me tell you… As soon as I opened the box I knew this machine was going to stay!

Clear instructions, beautiful and sturdy, easy to assemble and with an extremely smooth rowing action.

I spent the first 2 weeks rowing every day!

Concept2 Rowing Machine Review: 1 Year Later...

Throughout this year when the lockdown was lifted, I had the pleasure to meet up with some of my gym fanatic friends who also own rowing machines.

I got to try 2 other popular rowers: This Sunny Health & Fitness rower and the Nordic Track one.

The Sunny Health & Fitness machine immediately felt cheaper and less sturdy. The rowing motion did not feel as smooth as the one I always experience with the Concept2.

I would personally not recommend the Sunny Health & Fitness rower unless you have a really tight budget. 

rowing On the other hand, when I tried the Nordic Track I was extremely impressed and I would say that the quality is just as good as the Concept2, however it costs twice as much!!

The Concept2 is a clear winner here in terms of price…

After owning it for a year, I still use it pretty much as my number one tool to keep me fit.

I haven’t been good when it comes to dieting as the lockdown lead me to eat more than usual, but the Concept 2 has helped me maintain toned arms, legs and has also been giving my abs a good workout. 

I can feel myself being stronger as well as feeling major cardio improvement.

I honestly don’t think I could ever switch to a different make!

I give the Concept2 a solid 9.5/10.

Still having doubts? Check out all the amazing positive reviews that many real consumers have left on Amazon –> Click Here to See the Reviews 🙂